Coaching, Editing and Voice Over Services

You will find all of the podcast and media services I offer on this page.

Shann’s Signature Podcast Coaching Offering

You will receive 4 supportive coaching sessions devoted to:

Podcast Strategy + Audio Editing Training + Podbean Training (Media Host) + Podcast Launch Promotion/Marketing 

Together we will strategize the name, creation, content, description, scripting, scheduling, marketing, and promotion details for your new podcast! During these 4, 60-minute mentoring/training sessions:

We will:

  • clarify your intentions for your podcast
  • determine your name and podcast description
  • create powerful intro and outro scripts
  • discuss the content, format, and how to repurpose your great work
  • strategize podcast creation and distribution for coverage and continuity
I will…
  • professionally voice your podcast bumpers (intro and two outros)
  • provide content (text only) for your podcast web page(s) to be implemented by your web designer.  
  • teach you how to use GarageBand to record podcasts (if you have a MAC) for great quality sound or Audacity if you have a PC.
  • teach you about studio workflow for ease and grace 
  • show you how to upload and publish your first podcast at Podbean
  • set up your podcast channel at Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, TuneIn, and Google Podcasts
  • edit your first 4 podcasts (Add intro/outro and upload to Podbean which feeds your podcast to Apple Podcasts and all other directories)
  • Create your first 4 Headliner promotion video

You will also receive:

  • a podcast social media promotion kit to drive listeners to your podcast on Apple podcasts
  • one royalty-free music track to use for your podcast intro/outro 
  • a celebratory post in the podcast bath media services group with a call for subscribers, ratings, and reviews
  • You will receive one professionally designed podcast cover graphic from one of my favorite designers 


Your Investment: $2497.00 Terms: 50% down and 50% in 30 days.


Podcast Editing and Promotional Services

I offer audio editing services for podcasters who’d rather not spend time editing, uploading, tagging and scheduling their episode files.

Entry Level Podcaster: 


This level is ideal for podcasters who are just getting started and have a limited budget.

Basic Audio Editing (Intro + Outro, leveling, and noise reduction) 
Mixing and mastering
ID3 tag creation
Uploading and scheduling to Host
The client creates podcast show notes 

The price for this level starts at $75 per episode


Seasoned Level Podcaster:


This level is suitable for podcasters who want a deeper edit for each show along with show notes and social media assets.

Audio editing (Intro + Outro, leveling, laser editing*, and noise reduction) 
Mixing and mastering
ID3 tag creation
Detailed show notes (detailed summary and links)
1 Headliner audiogram* (:60 seconds max with clip timestamp provided by client)
1 branded social media graphic with title, and episode number for each episode
Uploading and scheduling to Host

The price for this level is $200* per episode 

*Laser edits include timestamps from the client for the intentional removal of interruptions, do-overs, and long pauses. We can repurpose branding/art already created for your podcast using templates in Canva. We are not graphic artists but have a good eye for composition and detail.

Premium Level Podcaster: 


This level is ideal for podcasters who want a fully produced podcast along with complete show notes and social media assets with additional customized services including repurposed content for newsletters and blogs.

Audio editing (Intro + Outro, leveling, full edits, noise reduction, and promo insertion) 
Mixing and mastering
ID3 tag creation
Detailed show notes/blog (detailed summary, transcription, and links)
Uploading and scheduling to Host
Reformatting show notes to create a blog post >> uploading and scheduling to website blog
1 Headliner audiogram (:60 seconds max)
1 branded social media graphic with title, and episode number for each episode
1 email newsletter (reformatted/repurposed content from show notes) 

The price for this level is $300* per episode

*The Seasoned and Premium podcast packages are based on a podcast length of up to 30 minutes with an additional $3 per minute for every minute over 30 minutes. 

Promotional Headliner Videos for Shorts and Reels

One of the most frequently asked questions I’m asked is how to grow podcast reach and follows. While there are several ways to do this, amping up your podcast promotion with teaser promo clips is at the top of the list.

Headliner is an app that allows you to upload your cover graphic and pull a powerful short audio clip from each new episode turning your audio into a branded video. Videos get more traction on social media so your podcast will too! All you have to do is set up a free account with Headliner and send me your login credentials. The app is free for up to 5 projects each month. These promos can be created at the same time I produce your show so you can use them as show promotions or stand-alone shorts and reels to drive more traffic to your podcast. 

Your Investment: $50 each

Podcast Auditing


If you have been podcasting for a while and want to up-level your podcast, I can help with a thorough review of your show that includes a private coaching session when your audit is complete.

I will…

  • critique your show music, introduction, and call-to-action outro
  • give you feedback on your delivery 
  • assess and improve your show notes 
  • dig into your podcast metrics  
  • make sure your show has proper ID3 tagging
  • analyze how you promote your show
  • critique your podcast cover graphic 

Your Investment: $397.00

Voice Over Commercials and Bumpers


I will write, record, and edit one intro and one outro for your radio show/event/podcast and upload them to the cloud (DropBox or These custom recordings include royalty-free music and can be used for all of your podcasts and event recordings. This price is also good for one 60-second commercial.

Your Investment: $175.00



I love to record and edit audiobooks and support authors from start to finish, including publishing your mansucript through ACX for Audible, Apple and Amazon.

Your Investment: $2500 to $6000 * Price is based on several factors and requires a consultation to give you an accurate fee.

A Media Services Invoice will be sent upon verification of the editing services needed. Annual plans are available.
All services require 50% down and 50% in 30 days.