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Professional Voice Over, Podcast Training,
Interviews, Editing, Media Services and more…

Take a peek my most popular media services to amplify your great work.

Podcast Bumpers & Radio Show Introductions

I will write, record and edit one intro and two outro (call to action) bumpers for your radio show/event/podcast and upload them to the cloud (Drop Box or etc.) These custom bumpers can be used as tops and tails for all of your podcasts & event recordings.

Investment: $175

Click Here to listen to podcast bumper (intro/outro) examples.

Podcast Strategy, Training, and Promotion

During three, one-hour long training sessions:

  • We will verify that you have a solid studio setup
  • We will strategize the name, structure, and description of your podcast
  • We will iron out podcast scheduling details
  • I will teach you how to create a professional voice over delivery
  • We will clarify your long-term intentions for your podcast
  • I will help you write your intro and outro (bumpers) scripts
  • I will teach you to publish your first podcast on Podbean & iTunes & Stitcher

Please visit the Podbean Website to explore their media hosting services and podcast offerings (Your First Month is Free).

Plan to have your graphic designer create a professional podcast cover graphic several weeks before your event, summit, or podcast is launched. (A 1400×1400-pixel JPG is the recommended size and format for a podcast cover graphic at iTunes.)

Your Investment: $800

Shann’s Signature Offering

**My Most Popular Package**

You will receive three supportive media sessions devoted to:

Podcast Strategy + Podbean Training (Media Host) + Podcast Promotion/Marketing 

Together we will strategize the name, creation, content, description, scripting, scheduling, marketing and promotion details for your new podcast! During these 3, 45 minute mentoring/training sessions:

We will:

  • clarify your intentions for your podcast
  • determine your name and podcast description
  • create powerful intro and outro scripts
  • discuss content, format and how to repurpose your great work
  • strategize podcast creation and distribution for coverage and continuity
I will…
  • professionally voice your podcast bumpers (intro and two outros)
  • provide content for your podcast web page(s) to be implemented by your web designer.  
  • teach you how to use Garageband to record podcasts (if you have a MAC) for great quality sound or Audacity if you have a PC.
  • teach you about studio workflow for ease and grace 
  • show you how to upload and publish your first podcast at Podbean
  • set up your podcast channel at iTunes and Stitcher
  • edit your first 4 podcasts (Add intro/outro and upload to Podbean + iTunes)

You will also receive:

  • a podcast social media promotion kit to drive listeners to your podcast
  • one royalty free music track to use for your podcast intro
  • a celebratory post in our podcast bath media services group with a call for subscribers, ratings, and reviews
  • a professional kick off interview hosted by me to inform your community about your brand new podcast
  • a 6 month listing in Aspire Magazine’s Inspirational Podcast and Radio Show Directory including directory promotion in Aspire Magazine 
  • You will receive one professionally designed 1400×1400 iTunes cover graphic from one of my favorite designers

*You do not have to use Podbean to serve up your podcast to your Website, iTunes, and Stitcher. There are lots of other choices. I work with and am an affiliate of Podbean because I love their client interface, listener count and price point. You can easily set up a free month trial at to test it out. 

Your Investment: $1497.00

Please send a 50% deposit in the amount of $748.50 to me via the PayPal button below.

Pay in advance and save $50! Your Investment: $1447.00

If you prefer to mail a check, my address is Shann Vander Leek P.O. Box 372 Suttons Bay, MI 49682.

Royalty Free Stock Music for Podcasts

If you’re looking for an affordable, quick and easy way to add a smooth and professional sounding introduction to your podcast, consider using royalty free stock music.

Ananga Sivyer, my talented partner of Anxiety Slayer fame, created Inner Calm Audio to provide a collection of royalty-free licensed audio material that you can purchase, download and use as many times as you like. Ananga is a brilliant musician.

Stock music prices start at just $50 for shorter pieces of music under 30 seconds.

If you invest in my most popular signature offering, your royalty free stock music track is part of your investment and is no extra charge.

MAC – Garage Band Training

In this 30 minute session, I will teach you how to navigate Garageband on your MAC and create your first recording.

Your Investment: $100.00

Audio Editing Services

I offer editing services on an hourly basis for people who’d rather not mess with editing and uploading their audio files.

I work quickly and efficiently. For virtual events and telesummit projects: 12, 60-minute interviews take approx. 3.5 hours or $175. For Podcasts intros/outros, plan on 1 hour or $60 to edit & upload 4 podcasts up to 30 minutes each.

Telesummit Media Services packages include the addition of the intro/outro to each file and getting the files uploaded & stored where they need to live so you can export them to iTunes. If you need additional edits within your interviews, there will be more time involved per audio file.

Your Investment: $60 per hour

A Media Services Invoice will be sent upon verification of editing services needed.

Kick Off Interviews

I love providing telesummit hosts, podcasters, and entrepreneurs with high-quality, informational kick-off interviews. This interview is an excellent platform to share more about you, your event, and will drive listeners to your registration page via social media.

You receive an MP3 recording of your interview to post on your website and share with your tribe, plus access to a free Sound Cloud account with your interview uploaded and ready for social sharing.

I virtually host, produce, record, edit and deliver our conversation within 48 hours.

Investment: $257.00

Click Here to give a listen to some of my successful Kick Off Interviews.
Click Here to get more information about Kick Off Interviews.

Social Media Marketing Kits

Your new podcast or kick off interview needs to be marketed properly if you want to get a return on your investment. I can help you with this! I will create 5 launch tweets, 5 evergreen tweets, 3 facebook posts and 1 blog footer/newsletter promotion for your new podcast. I will also set up a strategic plan for your launch and recommend how to implement your posts to grow your subscriptions, ratings and reviews at iTunes. This kit also includes an interview prep list, guest invitation letter, and collaborative marketing email that you can use if you will be interviewing experts on your podcast. As an extra bonus, your podcast will also be supported by members of the Podcast Bath Media Services Group on Facebook.

Investment: $200

Telesummit Kick Off Interview + Media Service Packages

Virtual Summit Starter Media Services Package

Professional Voice Work (Intro + Outro) + Kick Off Interview*

Your Investment:$357.00

Virtual Summit Full Service Media Services Package with up to 20 interviews

Voice Work (One Intro + Two Outros) + Kick Off Interview* + 5 Hours of Editing up to 20 interviews. Add $15 per additional interview over and above the first 20.

Your Investment: $607.00

You also have the option to choose my services a la carte at the prices listed by each service above. *All Telesummit Audio packages include Sound Cloud training for you and/or your VA.

Fees for Podcast Bath Media Services

I ask that all media services under $800 be paid in advance. For Investments of $800 or more, a 50% deposit is required in advance via paypal or personal check. The remaining balance is due when your media services project is complete.

Additional Media Services: I also offer audio book recording, guided meditation recordings, book trailers, opt-in gifts, and professional voice talent for TV & radio commercials. If there is something you want to create that is not listed here, please fill out the form below and let me know what you’re thinking of producing. I’m happy to support you or point you in the direction of someone who can be of service.

Podcast Bath Contact Form

Podcast Bath Media Services

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