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Rave Reviews

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Rave Reviews For Shann’s Podcast Training, Voice Over Recordings, Audio Creations and Media Services

Linda Joy

It was Shann’s resonant voice that caught my attention, but it was her professionalism and presence that blew me away. Shann recorded Inspired Living Publishing’s first two books with perfect timing and delivery. The introduction of Authentic Conversations with Extraordinary Women is exactly what I hoped for. Shann is an excellent voice over talent. If you want to step up the professionalism of your podcasts, radio shows, audio books & virtual events, hire Shann.

Rhys Thomas

I hired Shann to voice, organize and edit several of my Rhys Method workshops and special recordings. Shann has an excellent voice. She is professional, super organized and easy to work with. If you want to repurpose and leverage your great work with an audio series, CD or professional voice talent, hire Shann!

Kristine Carlson

When I think I’d like to do something new in my business to deepen the wisdom of the Don’t Sweat series, often it’s not understanding the technology of ‘how to do it’ that holds me back. In my recent venture of launching a new podcast, Shann turned my technology nightmare into an effortless dream come true. Shann is organized and on top of every aspect of creating and broadcasting a new podcast in the most professional way! I love working with Shann Vander Leek!

Julia Treat

I am so grateful that the Universe directed me to you, Shann. You are so good at what you do and an amazing teacher as well. Thank you for helping me blast through several technology “blocks” that had kept me from moving forward in the past. You made things so easy to understand and helped me feel empowered. Thank you so much for doing what you do. You are a master!

Lisa Marie Rosati

My first experience with Shann’s voice over work was when I asked her to record the Goddess Lifestyle Plan Manifesto for my global community. I remember how I felt when I received my completed Manifesto … Shann’s earthy, crystal clear voice brought immediate chills. It was spot on! Everything that rolls out of Shann’s recording studio is top notch. She is always fully present and I have peace of mind knowing that my media projects are in capable and loving hands. I look forward to what new creations will be birthed in the future with the help of Shann’s vision, creativity and talent. I highly recommend Shann!

Amy Ahlers

After months of contemplating starting a podcast and feeling overwhelmed by the process, I finally encountered a podcast angel in human form, Shann Vander Leek! She broke it all down, made it super simple (dare I say, fun even!) and helped me a create an inspired action plan. Thanks to her expert wisdom, mentorship and coaching I now have a successful, joyful podcast that has consistently been in the top 10 in New & Noteworthy in its category. Thank you Shann!

Ande Lyons

Ande Lyons

I recently had the pleasure of hiring Shann to help me strategize repurposing content for my businesses. In just one hour we worked out a dozen ways to create monetizing products and packages. In addition, Shann helped me improve my weekly radio show with promotional ideas I never thought to implement. Finally, she assisted me in developing an ad campaign for my high-traffic website. WOW. One Hour. Imagine what she can do for you and your business!

Debra Reble, Ph.D.

Dearest Shann, I am so grateful that we came together in such harmony yesterday and for your patient, loving teaching. You made the process of learning fun inspiring and gleeful! I’m so excited to start my next test drives. Thank you for getting me over my technology phobia and into a new world.

Holly Kimmel

Thank you for your excellent podcasting lessons! Before our first lesson I had no idea how to even begin a podcast and my search for instruction online left me with more questions than ever, but you made the process super easy. Thank you also for your guidance in refining the name of the podcast, confidence in me, and the insights and laughs along the way. I am so happy I found you and look forward to working with you again soon.

Holly Kimmel

Lori A Andrus

Working with Shann to bring my podcast to life was AMAZING! Step by step she made the entire podcast process fast, easy, and fun. I am thrilled with what we co-created and so excited to be sharing the Priestess Pathway Podcast.

Lori A Andrus

Tina van Leuven

After years of thinking about starting a podcast but just not knowing how to set it up and hence procrastinating, I experienced the joy of being coached and supported through the entire process by Shann. Her expertise saved me hours of having to research and trying to figure things out for myself. From our first strategy call to recording the kick-off interview to launching my brand new Divine Joy Circle podcast, Shann was there to support me and answer my questions every step of the way to make one of my dreams become reality; All within a matter of weeks! I love working with Shann and feel so blessed that the universe connected us.

Tina van Leuven

Mary E. Pritchard, Ph.D.

I had been thinking about setting up a podcast for several months, but when I tried to do it myself, I found it like trying to decipher an ancient language. Enter Shann, Podcast Goddess Extraordinaire! Shann made this multi-step process easy and effortless. In no time, I had my podcast set up on my website, feeding into iTunes and Stitcher, and step-by-step instructions in case I forget how to do something. I also got a professionally created intro and outro, a social media kit, and a plan for my show for the next few months. And all of that happened in less then 3 weeks! I love working with Shann! She is truly a rockstar when it comes to Podcast training!

Mary E. Pritchard, Ph.D.

Zinnia Gupte

I am beyond excited, thrilled, delighted! Thank you, Shann, for recording my heart + soul story with your beautiful voice. You brought me story to life and now I can share this powerful audio version with so many more women. I highly recommend working with Shann. She’s the ultimate professional and loves what she does. I’m working with her on multiple audio projects, including my new Shakti Power Podcast, and the love just keeps on growing.

Zinnia Gupte

Diane Helbig

I am thrilled with the introduction Shann recorded for my radio show, Accelerate Your Business Growth. Her attention to detail, quality, and professionalism are matched by her wonderful pacing and voice. Every time I hear it I am glad that I chose her. Shann understands her clients and takes the time to embrace what they are hoping to achieve through voiceover work. She truly nailed it with the work she did for me. I highly recommend Shann for any voice over talent work you may need.

Michelle Beltran

I knew I wanted an expert in the media and podcast industry. I knew I wanted someone with care, grace, and professionalism to coach me in giving life and soul to just the right podcast. I knew nothing of the dynamic in-the-limelight world of media, radio and podcasting. But, much like the puzzle piece finds its right place in the puzzle, I landed smack dab in the hands of Shann Vander Leek – the perfect fit. I couldn’t be more grateful. I was moved by the richness of Shann’s voice, and interestingly, even in the silence between her words. The organization and ease in creating this podcast laid the foundation for a flat out fun experience! The development of the Intuitive Hour unraveled right to plan up to and through launch. I’m just beyond honored to work alongside this sparkling human being.

Laurie Hacking

I have a podcast show because of Shann! It’s as simple, and as wonderful, as that. I came to Shann with a concept but with no idea how to make a podcast show happen. With all her insights, knowledge and loving guidance, Shann helped me bring together all that I needed to launch Business Alchemy. Shann is a true gift and I feel very blessed to have had her coach me through this experience.

Patricia Young

Testimonial for Shann's Podcast Coaching

Working with Shann has been a fun and amazing experience!  She’s SO good at what she does that all the fears or doubts I had about launching my podcast dissipated with her loving guidance and knowledge. The whole process of creating my podcast was easy, fast and fun!
I highly recommend Shann for any voice over work or launching your Podcast.
She’s super professional and a rockstar at what she does!

Michelle Gale

Working with Shann was pure magic. I would have never launched my Podcast without her and certainly, would have never had so much fun doing it! She balanced keeping me crazy organized with soothing my soul from beginning to end. If you ever find yourself lucky enough to work with Shann thank your lucky stars. This lady is a master of her craft. 

Michelle Gale

Mal Duane

I love interviewing people and dreamed of creating a really professional looking and sounding podcast. But I didn’t know where to begin. The technology seemed daunting and I was curious how to pull all the pieces together. Shann took me through the process seamlessly and with ease. She gave me specific instructions at every level so there was no chance of me messing things up. From strategy and recording, go podcast cover graphics and marketing, she held my hand every step of the way. My dream is now a reality.

Tanya Penny

“I had been hosting online speaking events for several years but had NO idea how to start a podcast. A friend referred me to Shann and after speaking to her I felt a big fat YES. Shann was so easy and fun to work with. She helped coach and move me (and my VA) through the podcast process with ease and grace. I now have another platform to grow my virtual coaching and healing business. I highly recommend working with Shann to start your podcast without the stress so you can shine your light to reach more people! Thank you so much, Shann!”

Janis R. Cohen

For the past year, I imagined myself with my own podcast to expand my reach to a broader spiritually based audience. What held me back from moving forward, was not having access to a reliable resource, let alone finding someone who could help me work through my initial nervousness about taking a leap into podcasting. To say that Shann is a consummate professional is an understatement. Her coaching process is like a well-oiled machine; where she knows all of the in’s and out’s of the podcast process and makes it undeniably easy to get started.  Any nervousness I felt beforehand was immediately eliminated just by hearing Shann’s voice. All I need to do is record my episodes and Shann handles the rest. I am extremely grateful to work with Shann and share my message with the masses. I highly recommend Shann for voice over recording and podcast creation!

Janis R. Cohen

Denise R. Green

Shann is my hero!  With her support, I went from feeling like I was undertaking a stressful, overwhelming, anxious endeavor, to now looking forward to recording and publishing content regularly. She never pressured me and brought monk-like patience and empathy to the process. She provided expert advice for every facet of the process, and by the end, I was no longer terrified of the technical aspects. I could not have done it without her. Plus, she is a joy to work with.

Denise R. Green

Sue DeCaro

Creating a podcast from scratch seemed like a daunting task until I hired the highly recommend Shann Vander Leek. Shann is not only knowledgeable and detail oriented but she also supports you on your journey with care and compassion; Every step of the way. I truly appreciate her skills, professionalism and ability and commitment to making my podcast experience successful for me. Highly recommended!!

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